The Advantages of Monovision

28 July 2016
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Once you turn 40, you may almost immediately notice that reading anything at a normal distance becomes difficult. When you read the paper, you may hold it at arm's length and squint, much to the amusement of your children. Your eye doctor may well recommend bifocal glasses or contact lenses to address this problem.  Although these items work for some people, others never get the hang of using them. Fortunately, you do have another choice: monovision contacts. Read More 

3 Common Eye Diseases That Affect The Elderly

10 May 2016
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As you grow older, your body will begin to lose much of the strength that it once had. It will also be unable to fight and stave off disease as well as it did in your youth. Among the many parts of the body that will be affected are your eyes, which is why it pays to have your eyes examined on an annual basis, especially on into your old age. Read More 

Optometrist Or Optical Lab: Whether To Get Your Glasses In Person Or From An Independent Lab

31 March 2016
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If you're in the market for new glasses, frames and all, and you're going to use a prescription that's still current but that was issued a few months ago, you have a choice between going back to your optometrist or ordering from an independent lab that offers a selection of frames. Each option has advantages, but you have to be careful choosing which one to go with. Here's a look at which option may fit you best. Read More 

When Eye Drops Don’T Help: Better Solutions For Chronically Dry Eyes

15 January 2016
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When your eyes are feeling a bit dry, an easy solution is to reach for some lubricating eye drops. But what about when the eye drops only help for a few minutes? What should you do when your eyes still feel dry, day after day, whether or not you use the eye drops? Don't go on living with chronic dry eyes. Doing so increases your risk of eye infections and corneal scratches. Read More 

What Do The Numbers On A Contacts Prescription Mean?

11 January 2016
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Once you have your prescription for contacts, there are several places from which you can choose to purchase them. To make the best decision about your contacts, it is ideal to know the basics of the information on the prescription. Before ordering your new contacts, here is what you need to know about your prescription. What Do the Numbers Mean? The numbers on your contacts prescription might look difficult to understand, but there is a simple explanation for each one. Read More