How To Buy Prescription Eyeglasses

6 October 2020
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Eyeglasses are an indispensable part of daily life for many people. Glasses can provide necessary vision correction, allowing people with less than perfect vision to see clearly. The right pair of glasses can allow you to read, complete your work, and drive safely. Glasses can be comfortable and stylish too. Here are four things you should do when you're ready to buy prescription eyeglasses.

1. Obtain a new prescription

When you need new glasses, it's always wise to get a new prescription. Eyeglasses prescriptions are often good for up to two years. However, your vision can change rapidly. A prescription from 18 months ago may no longer be accurate. It's a good idea to return to your eye doctor for an updated prescription if you haven't had your vision checked in the last year.

2. Find eyeglass frames you like

Once you have a current prescription, you can start finding glasses frames you like. Your glasses frames play a large role in determining what your glasses will look like. Plastic frames offer a modern, graphic look, while wire frames are often thinner and more understated. Browse available frames until you find a color and style that catches your eye. The glasses you choose should take into account your features and facial shape since these factors determine how your glasses will look while you're wearing them.

3. Try on potential eyeglasses

You can purchase prescription eyeglasses in person or online. However, buying your glasses in person offers some benefits. When you buy glasses from a local optician, you have the chance to try them on. Trying on different frames will ensure you choose a pair of glasses that you like, which is especially important if you plan to keep using the same pair of glasses for years.

4. Have your new glasses custom adjusted

Once you choose a set of frames you like, an optician will begin making your glasses. They will choose eyeglass lenses in the correct prescription strength for your eyes. These lenses will then be placed into the frames you've selected. The entire process can take as little as a single hour. Once your glasses are ready, you'll have the chance to try them on before you leave the store. Your glasses will probably need to be adjusted, but the optician can do that free of charge. Let the optician know if anything feels uncomfortable. Minor adjustments to the frames and nose pads can make a big difference.