The Advantages of Monovision

28 July 2016
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Once you turn 40, you may almost immediately notice that reading anything at a normal distance becomes difficult. When you read the paper, you may hold it at arm's length and squint, much to the amusement of your children. Your eye doctor may well recommend bifocal glasses or contact lenses to address this problem.  Although these items work for some people, others never get the hang of using them. Fortunately, you do have another choice: monovision contacts.

The Lenses

When your optometrist or ophthalmologist fits you for monovision contacts, they will make one eye your distance eye and one your reading eye. Your eyes will still work together, but your eye doctor will determine which eye is the dominant one. That eye will wear the distance contact, and the other eye will have the prescription that allows you to see to read or do up-close work. If you have to have cataract surgery at some point, the same principles can be applied. Your doctor can insert monovision lenses permanently in your eyes.


For some people, the adjustment to monovision is easy. You simply use the eye you need the most without consciously shifting from one to the other. For others, this method seems unnatural and may take a while to conquer. However, for those who find looking through a bifocal area on glasses and contacts difficult and awkward, monovision lenses can be the answer. You should also be able to do away with reading glasses and other paraphernalia. You won't have to fumble with multiple items during your workday or while traveling. One contact case will carry everything you need.


Another advantage of monovision lenses is cost. These lenses are just standard contacts, unlike specially constructed bifocal contacts. The cost is definitely less than that of specialized lenses. If you've purchased bifocal or even trifocal glasses, you know how expensive they can be. Even if you've been getting by with simple readers, you've probably misplaced more pairs of those glasses than you can count. Monovision lenses can make your vision better and still keep your expenses way down

If you already wear vision aids and are having trouble seeing to read, ask an eye-care professional such as one at Coastal Eye Group PC about the advantages of monovision lenses. For many people, this type of vision correction works well and eliminates the need for multiple reading aids or bifocal lenses. Your eyesight will improve; your life will be simpler, and you will save some money.